SUPERAVIT curated from the IMOCA collection, STANDARD Galería, Valencia, 2018

Memento exhibition curated from the IMOCA collection, STANDARD Galería, Valencia, 2016

The New Living Art V exhibition, project manager/co-curator, IMOCA, Sept 2014

The New Living Art II exhibition, IMOCA, October 2011

This Place Has No Atmosphere exhibition IMOCA, September 2011

IRL 2011: In Real Life exhibition and conference, curator, organizer IMOCA, July 2011

Limbo Excavated, residency show by Adam Gibney; IMOCA, May 2011

Invited Representative of Ireland, Wales Arts International Curators Week, May 2010.

Blasphemous exhibition, IMOCA, April 2010

The Elephant in the Room  group show, PLANE / SITE Galleries, August 2009

A Temporary Measure, by Ivan Twohig, IMOCA@Jameson’s Distillery, June 2009

This Must Be The Place, multi-group exhibition, project manager; IMOCA 2008

Garden of Digital Lies, the Lab Gallery, Dublin, April 2008



Razas Raras solo exhibition, STANDARD Galería, Valencia, April 2019

XOXO group exhibition of female artists, Sporting Club Gallery, Valencia, September 2018

Out of Equilibirum duo exhibit with Marco Biscardi, Imprevisual Gallery, Valencia, Nov 2017

Love Letters From Strangers, Strange Letters From Lovers

solo exhibit, Sporting Gallery, Valencia Spain, February 2017

SetUp Contemporary Art Fair, representative artist for Ireland, Bologna Italy, January 2017

Transfusion group exhibition/ art festival, Chocolate Factory Gallery, Dublin, May 2015

It Looks Like / It Appears to Be / An Inside Job

solo exhibition, National College of Art and Design Gallery, Dublin, March 2014

WAKE solo exhibition, bio.space33, Dublin, May 2013

Dublin Contemptibles II Biennale, Dublin, September 2012

Irish Wave 3 Group show in Beijing, China, March 2012

This is My Body exhibition/ The Language of Illness and Pain  conference, University of London, July 2011

The Insides of Things solo show, Syndicat Potential Gallery, Strasburg, France, Sept. 2010

Experimentality group exhibition, Peter Scott Gallery, Lancaster April 2010

This Must Be The Place, Monstertruck Gallery, March 2009

Mission Creep group exhibition, 10th anniversary of St. Etienne Biennale, France, 2008

Artifacts and Figures, Solo show of digital and analogue interactive sculptures and installations, MonsterTruck Gallery, Dublin, April 2007

BOXid group show, Blackchurch Print Studio, Dublin, 2005

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