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The Insides of Things

The Insides of Things, 2010
mixed-media sculpture, installation

To Serve Man

‘To Serve Man’ performance with cherry-picker boom truck, 2006

Social & Personal

Social & Personal
Wood sculpture. 4’x 3’x 12’; 2009-2010


Power, 2010
Wood electrical pole, 2.4m fluorescent tubes, wiring; 3m tall


This is FRANKie- our Fully Robotic, Autonomously Navigating Kid. He was designed and built by myself and Jack Phelan for the Save The Robots Festival in Dublin 2005, and he then made an appearance at my MFA degree show in 2006.


Video made as part of the artists’ project, “Chinese Whispers”


Another video for the “Chinese Whispers” project- built asa video response to the soundtrack by Les Keye

Gospel of Thomas

One of eight pieces in The Garden of Digital Lies group show, The Lab Gallery, Foley Street, Dublin, 2008.

Jacob and the Angel

Jacob and the Angel, 2009
Site-specific installation, 9 meters high;
Wood ladders erected into and ascending spiral

Worth Less

Worth Less, 2010
Styrofoam and faux-finish painting, approx. 40cm