Out of Equilibirum

Out of Equilibirum

A project by Marco Biscardi & Kaylee Bear Koss


Video of the opening night by Fitch Photography & Design

It only appears that the artworks put forward in this collection have emerged from a nightmare, as ghostly images of fears and longings. In actual fact they already have the power of The Real.

As a common point, Koss and Biscardi work on memory, and the suspended time that exists in memory, that erases distances and logical or chronological relationships. The dialogue that arises from the different levels of memory is a short circuit to which the spectator is subjected, but yet is unaware of the process. They, in fact, do not impose their own imagination, but rather invite and oblige the audience to join in the process of creating meaning. It is definitely not a kind of comforting art; it is generative and not contemplative. It is a button on the unconscious that is pushed, on the forbidden, on the unnamed, on the hidden sides of things. It is what we call Lunar, Pythagorean, full of esoteric symbols; yet it is not a situation where their meanings of the signals dominate, but where color becomes an ally rather than a vassal, in the transmission of the message. From a formal point of view there is always at least two levels of depth: the background, and the scene that emerges from the background. This reveals a rather theatrical attitude, but also the dynamic mechanism that gives movement to the work.

The use of the written word appears often, but not always, at the service of the simultaneous vision that the artists intend to suggest. Even in this case, the lettering is not free from the deformations to which the images have been subjected, but rather, they are warped or written backwards- a testament to how they never want to present a prioritized point of view in their work.

The dream or the memory of the dream (Who can say?) is the realm of the cancellation of the Exit and the Entrance, the beginning and end of one center in comparison to another. It is the very definition of the Greek labyrinth, where to get lost is to find yourself… but also the opposite.

Luca Baccolini

Chapter 1: The Usual Suspects / I Soliti Sospetti

the usual suspects II copy

8 copy

7 copy

6 copy

Chapter 2: Out of the Shell / Fuori dal Guscio

9 copy

10 copy

11 copy

12 copy

Chapter 3: Liminal Spaces / Spazi Liminali

1 copy

3 copy

4 copy

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